The Fund Raising School

The Fund Raising School, a program of the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University teaches the historical and philanthropic context, current issues and the art and science of fundraising and philanthropy. Its courses help professionals gain the knowledge to build resources for their organization with confidence and success in an ever-changing society.

The Fund Raising School began offering six of its primary courses in Evansville in November 2010 and will continue to offer a course each year through at least 2021. To receive The Fund Raising School’s Certificate in Fund Raising Management (CFRM), you must take the Principles and Techniques of Fundraising course and any three of the remaining courses for a total of four courses to complete the certificate.

The Fund Raising School courses are available at reduced rates through underwriting from Welborn Baptist Foundation and EAFC.

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Required Course:

Principles and Techniques in Fundraising

Maximize your fundraising success through this timeless course that teaches the tried-and-true practical skills of effective fundraising. Strengthen your fundraising abilities by learning proven fund development tools, and draft a specific fundraising plan to grow your organization. This course serves as the foundation for the rest of the curriculum.

Next, choose three from the following:

Developing Major Gifts

Raise more money by receiving more major gifts. Consistent donors can become major donors when you effectively implement the Eight-Step Major Gifts Management Cycle. Identify and utilize your own communication strengths when meeting with donors to develop major gifts and increase your fundraising success.

Developing Annual Sustainability

Successful fundraising is an ongoing process. As you continue to identify new donors, you also need to maintain good relations with current donors and encourage them to repeat and increase their giving. Learn and strengthen the fundraising skills that can sustain your organization including direct mail, online giving, major gifts and special events.

Planned Giving: Getting the Proper Start

Maximize your fundraising by asking for planned gifts. Learn how to communicate with donors about their wealth and their financial assets — not just their cash — and how a planned gift can provide them with current income, an inheritance for their heirs and a legacy through your charitable organization.

Managing the Capital Campaign

Build your fundraising skills to build your next building. Learn the five phases of a successful capital campaign that will help you design a visionary goal with a specific timeline, engage your board and involved you community — all while avoiding costly mistakes and maintaining your current funding.